Please download the posters below and display them in your business, club or centre! Right click to download them and save to your device. Any problems, please let us know!

General Posters

Simple Steps to Reduce Single Use Plastic

4 Simples steps to cut back on the amount of single-use plastic we all use.

Final Straw Foundation Supporters Poster

Download this poster to show your support for the Final Straw Foundation Charity!

For Café / Food Outlet

We accept reusable cups poster

Display this poster to show customers that you accept reusable coffee cups.

Poster for cafe staff / baristas 

A poster to help out cafe/restaurant staff or baristas with info on how to use reusable cups safely during the pandemic. 

For Bathrooms

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Careful What You Flush Poster

A poster to remind people not to flush unsuitable items down the loo. 

Plastic Free Periods Poster

A poster to highlight how it is common for period products to contain plastic, and how important it is not to flush them.

Plastic Free Periods poster